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Fantastic concept!

Posted: 1652 days ago

Initially I was sceptical with this concept of doing your own training, but later came back to this option drawn by the logistics of having to divide staff up for outside training sessions whilst still operating and of course the potential savings involved with hiring a consultant. It did take a good half days prep going through the notes and slides but the presenter guidelines were easy to follow. It was quite fun in the end, even after three separate sessions. Well worth the effects of a re-energised team and the renewed understanding that customer services is so much more than just a smile!

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DIY In-House Training

Reply from DIY In-House Training

Posted: 1652 days ago

Thank you for your review Gwyn, we are delighted you decided to try something different! We have always found that staff morale gets a massive boost with this 'consultative' training, it's always great to see highly motivated, happy employees. Good luck, we wish you every success.